DBS Checking Service

VAR is a registered body authorised to undertake DBS checks on behalf of all organisations. This means that we have undertaken the relevant training to be able to process applications efficiently and professionaly. All information is handled in a sensitive and confidential manner. We offer training to organisations to ensure forms are filled in correctly before they are sent to us which ensures a speedy service for all involved.

Extremely competitive price

Our DBS checks include a small administration fee which is dependant on the type of check required or the organisation asking for it. There are no hidden or extra charges for returned or reissued forms.

Speedy and efficient service

We don’t wait to send them out in bulk, and applications can be processed the same day if they are correctly filled in. Current turnaround time can be as little as 2 weeks.* (*Dependent on the DBS)

Simple, hassle-free sign up process

No commitment upon sign up, or minimum/maximum applications to meet. Full guidance provided every step of the way, including on eligible positions.

Please contact Andrea Cox 01709 726897 for an information pack.